Flower Girls in Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a Wonderland-themed wedding? Think of the Mad Hatter and his band of merrymakers having a lovely afternoon tea party. Enjoy a sip or two of spicy cardamom or soothing chamomile in demitasse cups along with scrumptious scones and sweet slices of cake. What would the flower girls wear to the Mad Hatter’s wedding then?

rosebud flower girl dresses

Consider these flower girl dresses with tiny rosebuds as outfits for your little Alices in your Wonderland-themed wedding. Photo courtesy of wallao.com.

A Myriad of Colors to Dazzle the Eyes

Bright, rich hues like blue aqua, teal and turquoise will look so right in a mad tea party. Dress up your girls in tea-length dresses with these colors. Add a few embellishments like rosebuds or pearl buttons for exciting detail. The simple elegance of a neatly tied ribbon or a large floral decoration won’t be enough to represent the Mad Hatter’s crazy inventiveness.

Little Alices in Blue Dresses and White Aprons

The most common style of dress that Alice wore was a bright blue dress with bell sleeves, lace lining, and a white ruffled apron. It’s made famous by the 1972 film Alice in Wonderland, but other versions of the classic children’s novel showed illustrations of Alice in an all-white or all-blue outfit. Choose your own variation of the Alice dress for your flower girls.

flower girl dress blue

An example of the famous dress Alice wore in films. Photo via Wikipedia.

Flower Girl Accessories in Wonderland

Alice always wore a black headband with a ribbon on top. She also wears white stockings with her shiny Mary Janes. Instead of white doves, gather some white rabbits and put them in a pen near the garden where the wedding’s going to be held.

Let the girls carry the rabbits in their arms. Bunnies are well-tamed animals and they’ll remain docile when they’re gently handled. An alternative suggestion would be to use long-haired guinea pigs like the Silkie/Sheltie or the Peruvian. Carry them by hand, in a basket or in gilded cages.


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